Cost-Effective Onshore/Offshore Services for a leading Insurance Client.


Objective: Leading Insurance company sought a comprehensive, cost-effective, value-add, and reliable solution to manage their critical operations systems, diverse data sources, and complex business intelligence requirements. KASH Tech's earned the business through our commitment to their success, and complete suite of DevOps, data, and analytics services.  Kash Tech secured a long-term contract to support there mission-critical operations, streamline data processes, enhance business intelligence capabilities, and empower their user community to drive better client relationships, improve risk management, and reduce operating costs.

Client faced many challenges with their legacy solution:
1.    Managing Critical Systems: Client's mission-critical systems require continuous monitoring and support to ensure smooth operations and prevent any potential disruptions. Due to resource constraints this increased pressure on the internal IT team.
2.    Data Source Integration: Client dealt with data from multiple sources, including claims, policy information, financials, and risk data, making data integration and management a complex undertaking.  Their highly specialized data warehouse also added risk to daily operations.
3.    Daily Data Updates: The timely and accurate update of data was crucial for decision-making and risk management, requiring diligent monitoring and troubleshooting.  Due to the complex nature of their internal systems data update failures were a regular occurrence.
4.    Information Delivery: To keep up with the demands from their diverse and growing user base, Client needed to evolve their existing business intelligence capabilities, and deliver more advanced reporting and self-service features.  These demands exceeded the bandwidth of existing resource and required expertise not available on the team. 

KASH Tech’s Approach:  KASH Tech implemented our Best-of-Fit approach of aligning people, process, and technology to address Client's challenges effectively:
1.    DevOps Implementation: KASH Tech deployed DevOps practices to ensure the continuous availability and stability of Client's critical systems. This included automated monitoring, proactive issue identification, and rapid resolution.
2.    Data Source Management: KASH Tech evaluated the existing centralized data repository and implemented enhanced data pipelines to collect and integrate data from various sources, ensuring a consistent and reliable data flow.
3.    Daily Data Update Monitoring: KASH Tech developed automated data update monitoring systems, enabling proactive detection of data anomalies and immediate troubleshooting to maintain data accuracy.
4.    Business Intelligence Enhancements: Using our Art-of-the-Possible methodology, KASH Tech collaborated with Client user to better comprehend their needs and design a roadmap for the development and deployment of new, robust reporting and self-service capabilities.
5.    User Community Empowerment: KASH Tech initiated user knowledge-transfer sessions to empower Client's user community to leverage the enhanced business intelligence tools for improved decision-making.

Results Achieved: The partnership between KASH Tech and the Client yielded significant achievements:
1.    Uninterrupted Operations: Through DevOps implementation, Client experienced reduced downtime and optimized system performance, supporting critical operations seamlessly.
2.    Streamlined Data Processes: The enhanced automated data pipelines streamlined data management, ensuring consistent, timely, and accurate data updates.
3.    Enhanced Business Intelligence: The upgraded business intelligence capabilities empowered Client's user community with more robust reporting and self-service features, resulting in better insights and decision-making.
4.    Improved Client Relationships: The timely access to comprehensive data and insights allows Client to better understand client needs, fostering stronger client relationships and customer satisfaction.
5.    Enhanced Risk Management: The advanced data analytics capabilities enabled Client to identify potential risks more effectively and take proactive measures to mitigate them.
6.    Reduced Operating Costs: The streamlined data processes and automation is leading to increased operational efficiency, reduced manual efforts, and operating costs.

Conclusion: KASH Tech's DevOps, data, and analytics services played a pivotal role in supporting the Client's critical operations, data management, and business intelligence capabilities. By empowering their user community with advanced reporting and self-service capabilities, Client was able to drive better client relationships, improve risk management, and reduce operating costs. The successful collaboration stands as a testament to KASH Tech's commitment to delivering innovative solutions that cater to their clients' specific needs, ensuring long-term success and growth for them.