Analytics Transformation - Leveraging the Art of the Possible Methodology  


Client Background:

A global engineering solutions company located in the Midwest  faced challenges with its existing legacy data reporting system. The system lacked scalability, user-friendly features, and modern visualization capabilities required to efficiently analyze and make informed decisions based on their data. In addition the ongoing license maintenance costs were becoming prohibitive. This caused them to seek a plan to migrate their reports and dashboards to a more robust and advanced platform. This is where KASH Tech, a leading Data and Analytics solutions provider, came into the picture.

Client Objectives:

The company aimed to transform their reporting and visualization capabilities by migrating to Microsoft’s  Power BI. The primary goals for the migration were:
1.    Seamless transition without data loss or disruption to business operations.
2.    Improved data visualization, interactive dashboards, and insightful reporting.
3.    Utilization of modern technologies to unlock new data-driven opportunities.
4.    A well-structured migration strategy to ensure a successful implementation.


KASH Tech, known for its expertise in Data and Analytics, collaborated closely with the company’s IT leadership to address their requirements using their unique  "Art of the Possible" services delivery methodology. This approach is based on four design factors used to create high adoption and greater user satisfaction: 
    Focus on the business user’s needs
    Show results early in the process
    Emphasize development on sustainment
    Act quickly and then reiterate

Key Steps to Delivering a Successful Project:
1.    Assessment and Strategy: KASH Tech conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s existing system and identified pain points. A comprehensive migration strategy was formulated, ensuring a smooth transition to Power BI.
2.    Art of the Possible Workshops: KASH Tech organized interactive workshops with development and business teams, introducing them to the possibilities that Power BI offered. These workshops inspired creative thinking and encouraged envisioning the potential benefits.
3.    Customization and Development: Leveraging its technical prowess, KASH Tech customized Power BI to align with the company’s specific needs. We call this ‘built for fit’. This included designing intuitive dashboards, data models, and integration with existing systems.
4.    Data Migration: A meticulous data migration plan was executed to ensure accurate and secure transfer of data from their legacy tool to Power BI. This step involved data cleansing, transformation, and validation.
5.    Training and Adoption: KASH Tech provided comprehensive training sessions with the business and IT resources to ensure a smooth transition. The "Art of the Possible" approach encouraged users to explore and innovate with Power BI's capabilities.
6.    Continuous Improvement: Post-migration, KASH Tech continued to engage with the company, facilitating ongoing support, updates, and enhancements as the company's data needs evolved.

1.    Enhanced Data Visualization: The migration to Power BI empowered their users with visually engaging dashboards, offering real-time insights and enabling informed decision-making.
2.    Improved User Adoption: The "Art of the Possible" workshops facilitated rapid user adoption by showcasing the extensive capabilities of Power BI.
3.    Increased Efficiency: Power BI's user-friendly interface streamlined reporting processes, reducing manual efforts and enhancing overall efficiency.
4.    Scalability: The new solution provided room for scalability, to accommodate growing data demands and adapt to changing business needs.
5.    Innovation: By embracing the "Art of the Possible" philosophy, they were inspired to explore innovative ways of utilizing Power BI, unlocking new business opportunities.


KASH Tech's expertise in Data and Analytics, combined with the innovative "Art of the Possible" methodology, empowered the client to successfully migrate and transform their existing reporting and analytics systems to Power BI. The seamless transition, enhanced data capabilities, and user-centric approach led to a transformational journey, positioning them at the forefront of data-driven decision-making in the engineering industry. This collaboration underscored KASH Tech's commitment to delivering impactful solutions that drive growth and innovation.