Seamless Data Migration to Hadoop Data Lake - Revolutionizing Healthcare Insights

Client Profile:

A prominent leader in the healthcare industry, specializing in value-based care, faced the challenge of harnessing vast amounts of critical data from their System i DB2 platform. With a commitment to data-driven decision-making, they sought to unlock the full potential of their information by migrating to a modern Hadoop Data Lake environment. KASH Tech, a leading Data and Analytics solutions provider, emerged as their trusted partner for this transformative journey.

Client Objectives:

The healthcare company aimed to:

Seamlessly migrate critical data from System i DB2 to a Hadoop Data Lake.

Integrate and centralize data sources for comprehensive insights.

Enhance data accessibility, processing, and real-time analysis.

Optimize healthcare operations, patient care, and value-based strategies.



KASH Tech employed its expertise in data migration, integration, and advanced analytics to execute a flawless transition.


Key Steps:

  • Data Assessment and Strategy:

KASH Tech conducted a thorough assessment of the existing data landscape, identifying key data sources, critical metrics, and integration requirements.

  • Data Mapping and Transformation:

A meticulous data mapping strategy was formulated to ensure accurate translation of System i DB2 data into the Hadoop Data Lake. Data transformation protocols were established for consistency and relevance.

  • Integration and Validation:

KASH Tech seamlessly integrated data from diverse sources into the Hadoop Data Lake. Rigorous validation processes were implemented to maintain data integrity and accuracy.

  • Performance Optimization:

Leveraging the power of Hadoop's distributed architecture, KASH Tech fine-tuned data processing pipelines, enabling faster querying and real-time analytics.

  • Custom Analytics Solutions:

KASH Tech designed customized analytics solutions that allowed the healthcare company to derive actionable insights from the enriched data within the Hadoop Data Lake.

  • Training and Adoption:

KASH Tech provided comprehensive training sessions to ensure the healthcare company's teams were proficient in navigating and utilizing the Hadoop Data Lake environment.



Enhanced Insights and Decision-Making: The migration paved the way for enhanced healthcare insights, enabling data-driven decisions for improved patient care and value-based strategies.

Real-time Analytics: With data now available in real time, the healthcare company could monitor patient outcomes, treatment effectiveness, and operational efficiencies with unparalleled precision.

Scalability and Future-Readiness: The Hadoop Data Lake's scalability positioned the healthcare company for future data growth, allowing seamless integration of new data sources.

Streamlined Operations: Efficient data access and processing led to streamlined operations, reduced costs, and improved resource allocation.


KASH Tech's seamless migration of critical data from System i DB2 to the Hadoop Data Lake revolutionized the healthcare industry's insights and operations. The partnership underscored KASH Tech's commitment to leveraging data's transformative power to enhance healthcare delivery, patient outcomes, and value-based care strategies. This case demonstrates the profound impact that expert Data and Analytics solutions can have on driving innovation and success in even the most complex and mission-critical environments.