Turn Enterprise Data Into Actionable Insights

KASH Tech helps our customers leverage large amounts of data and turn them into actionable insights to meet the demands of the business. With increasing customer demands for real-time information, it is critical to use accurate data to drive greater insights and adapt to the changing demands of the business with less complexity and total cost of ownership.

The KASH Tech team is experienced at assessing your existing data and analytics systems, BI, and reporting tools to provide recommendations on better managing and leveraging your data to optimize business performance. We help our customers turn data into meaningful information via self-service solutions that can generate insights, improve efficiencies, and promote best practices.

Enterprise Self Service Reporting

Self-service Reporting (BI) empowers teams such as product developers, sales, finance, marketing, operations, and customers to answer data questions with appropriate governance supported by IT and BI analysts.

Self-service reporting provides autonomy in obtaining necessary information – it allows the user to build their own reports rather than relying on those provided by a computer program, an I.T. department, or a third party. And it is perhaps the single greatest tool utilized by any organization when it comes to establishing a competitive advantage and growing your business.

Self-service Reporting forms the foundation for real-time analysis and decision-making, fostering a proactive attitude across your organization. This new attitude will increase the velocity of your business and generate greater employee satisfaction.

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Advanced Analytics

The newest BI and analytics technologies developments have converged to create a new category called Decision Intelligence (DI). DI is defined as a framework that supports processes around data modeling, data discovery, business intelligence, and information delivery into an integrated strategy and architecture. In addition, DI integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses make more accurate and contextualized decisions faster.

KASH Tech consultants have over 20 years of experience helping our clients develop the strategy and modern methodology that DI requires. Our approach ensures that DI incorporates the latest technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and serves the disparate reporting, ad hoc data discovery, and information visualization needs within your Enterprise and beyond to external customers and partners.


Data Visualization

How does your company make sense of all the data pouring into your organization? A picture is worth a thousand words, so stop talking and reading and start seeing your business's trends, results, and outliers. Your business must embrace data visualization.

Whether using Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, Excel, Spotfire, or other popular DV tools, KASH Tech offers experienced consultants to help you find the right strategy for both the development and enablement of data visualizations that will make a positive impact. We continue developing best practices for integrating data visualizations with traditional business intelligence services to produce impactful insights into your enterprise data.


Download the 10-step Guide to Successfully Democratizing your Company Data and discover how to build a data strategy that accelerates business growth.

Data Governance

An effective data governance program can help your business deliver timely and trusted data. Conversely, poor data governance in analytics can lead to harmful or inaccurate decisions by your business users. The proper alignment of people, processes, and technology enables an organization to turn its data into an asset.

At KASH Tech, we help establish data governance processes to guarantee the accuracy and uniformity of trusted data across the organization. We can help you implement data governance that helps identify and eliminate data silos and becomes an integral part of your BI/reporting processes, contributing to higher user adoption and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  

Managed Services

KASH Tech is truly a technology-agnostic services company. We do not restrict our clients from using any specific BI or Analytics platform or tool. In addition, we offer our services in both an on-prem and offshore model depending on the client’s particular needs and budget. We tailor all our engagements to address the needs of our client’s organization and technology requirements, where and when you need it.

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Embedded Analytics

KASH Tech understands how to seamlessly embed reports, dashboards, visualizations, and other BI content, with effortless self-service capabilities for your users. We can help you embed ad-hoc reports and dashboards, leveraging automated distribution tools into your custom business applications to deliver data-driven insights for your users and customers.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions:

Implementing AI and ML techniques (along with other various natural language processing (NLP) technologies within your BI and Analytics solutions automatically generates actionable insights by analyzing billions of data points in seconds. It can be used to improve the accuracy of predicting outcomes and accelerate data preparation and exploration. AI/ML helps bridge the gap between analytics, data science, and automation, the cornerstones of most data and analytics modernization initiatives.

KASH Tech will consult with you to identify the best use cases for applying AI/ML to your advanced analytics applications to generate the best outcomes from your data. After an assessment of your current data, BI and analytics capabilities, and architecture to, develop a plan for embedding AI/ML into a limited number of reports that validates the expected results and allows you to experience the advantages and features of the new technology.

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