Case Study 1                                                Industry: Manufacturing

Transformative Data and Analytics Services Drive Success for Consumer-Packaged Goods Manufacturer

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Case Study 2                                                Industry: Healthcare

Data and Analytics services for a Health Information Exchange emphasizing data governance, security and compliance

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Case Study 3                                                Industry: Healthcare

Data Migration to Hadoop Data lake transforming healthcare insights through revolutionary data management and analytics

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Case Study 4                                                Industry: Insurance

Testing as a service (TAAS) offers robust testing solutions for a prominent insurance client through Guidewire Integration

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Case Study 5                                                Industry: Manufacturing

Empowered the client to successfully migrate and transform their existing reporting and analytics systems to Power BI

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Case Study 6                                                Industry: Hotel Chain

Delivering a successful upgrade to the hotel's Business Intelligence environment to efficiently manage guest relationships.

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Case Study 7                                                 Industry: Non-cooperative Organisation

Analytics focused data warehouse helped the client to take insights and thereby increased sales in a cost-effective way

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Case Study 8                                                            Industry: Insurance

Provided a solution to manage critical operations that enhance business intelligence to improve client operating costs. 

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