What are Application Development (AppDev) Services?

KASH Tech’s AppDev Services allow your organization to achieve its vision of integrating your customers, partners, and stakeholders into your business process. KASH Tech can assist you in defining your application needs, creating a strategy, and building the applications your organization requires.

KASH Tech can design and build consumer-facing or B2B apps across a diverse range of digital platforms. These include desktop, mobile, web, smartwatch, VR, and AR. If you are looking for engineered apps that provide unforgettable digital experiences for your target audience across all platforms, KASH Tech is ready to make your vision a reality!


Onshore/Offshore Model

With the KASH Tech Onshore and Hybrid application development and support models, you get the best service and best value to meet your organization’s requirements.

Our Onshore Model ensures that all the resources engaged in your project are localized. This is especially important to organizations in industries where the sourcing of resources is regulated, i.e., healthcare or government. In our Onshore model, our resources can be onsite at your facilities or work remotely to reduce travel costs associated with the project. This model also offers the following advantages:

  • Greater skill set availability
  • Faster response times
  • Significant cost savings
  • Resourcing flexibility to properly match resources to demand

Hybrid Model

Our Hybrid model starts with our Onshore model but then replaces the actual development resources with offshore resources. This ensures that your primary points of contact for the project are working the same business hours as your organization, while we gain the advantage of following the sun with development resources so development is happening around the clock if needed. By having the Client-facing resources localized, we ensure the highest level of communication and client contact required to ensure your success. Additionally, these onshore resources are responsible for the management of and communication with the offshore resources assigned to your project. Our onshore resource facilitates the exchange of information with the offshore team and aggregates the offshore development into a seamless delivery to your environment.

This model also offers the following advantages:

  • Further significant cost savings
  • Reduces time-to-delivery
  • Ensure proper and effective communication
  • Ability to handle large projects with extended development cycles 

With either of these two models, your organization can confidently focus on developing new business opportunities, adding a competitive advantage, and broadening your existing markets while continuously introducing improved capabilities and efficiencies to your business at a lower cost.


To get started, contact our experts to request a Discovery Call to understand your enterprise application development needs.