Why Business Intelligence is Vital for Business Operations

Business Intelligence tools have been around for a long time. Business Intelligence (or BI for short) as an umbrella term to describe “concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact-based support systems.” Today there are reportedly over 50 software companies that sell BI products across a wide variety of platforms. The expansion of the internet and mobile data have been the main drivers for the growth of BI tools from 1990 through 2020.

The global BI market size is estimated to grow to $33B by 2025 at a healthy 7.6%  CAGR. Today, with the rising popularity of the Cloud and the continuous development of more modern features and capabilities, there is a renewed emphasis on making information more available to everyone in the organization via self-service BI. As a result, business intelligence has become a vital set of tools and methods organizations use to support critical and effective business operations.

The Adoption Rates of BI/Analytics Tools are Below Expectations

Despite three decades of availability of BI tools, the average global adoption rate of BI/Analytics within an organization is a dismal 26%.

Why is this adoption number so low? It can’t be the lack of tool options. Studies show that organizations use 3.8 different BI/Analytics tools on average. This would lead you to believe this is not a technology issue.


The 2 Primary Factors For Low BI/Analytics Toll Adoption Rates

1. Poor Data Quality Processes

The first is the impact of poor data quality processes, which are part of a larger data governance requirement. Inconsistent or incomplete data can reduce user confidence in the BI solutions you develop, regardless of your chosen tool. If the end-user doesn’t believe in the results generated from the BI technology, it will lead to a loss of productivity and higher costs, which lowers their acceptance of what you deliver to them.  

2. Not Knowing What Users Want

The second factor impacting user adoption is the need for accurately capturing what information users want, how they want to interact with the information, and why it is essential to how they perform their work.

The Key Elements to High Adoption Rates and Realized ROI

The path to addressing these critical factors is by balancing the elements of a framework focused on people, process, and technology, emphasizing people (the business users) and process (how you deliver solutions the business wants to use).


This requires involving the business users EARLY in the design and development elements of the solution in an iterative process.


This also requires that the business users are involved in the data validation rules and governance methods used to maintain the data analytics solution over time. 


KASH Tech has developed and perfected an approach to building new, modern data analytics solutions that incorporates all three factors for a successful data analytics solution.

The Solution To Solving The BI Adoption Crisis

At KASH Tech, our ‘secret sauce’ for effective information delivery to support the needs of the business is based on our proven design approach for implementing BI/ Data Analytics solutions. Our time-tested strategies focus on helping our clients harness their organization's data and BI technologies to deliver end-to-end solutions to meet their needs. 

Our enterprise analytics and data services are based on four pillars to building successful information delivery solutions in a systematic, agile, customer-focused approach that delivers fast and sustainable solutions that respond to rapidly changing requirements and create maximum impact on the business. We call this our Art-of-the Possible services delivery approach.


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The 4 Pillars for Successful Data and Analytics


Start with the business user’s needs. 

This involves going beyond asking what users want. It involves understanding why they want it, how they want to use or interact with information, and how frequently they use data in their daily workflow. We want to engage the users early in the design process to become part of the solution.


Show results early in the process (including the executive users).

Too often, we gather requirements and build the solution only to discover that requirements were missed, and the lack of collaboration results in less than enthusiastic approval for the solution. Getting involvement from business users and the executive sponsor helps build advocacy for the solution and aids in the alignment of the company’s purpose into strategic business decisions. The project lead should facilitate building bridges between multiple line-of-business stakeholders and encouraging different business users into the iterative design process. 


Focus on sustainment.

Using DevOps principles helps create an end-to-end information delivery process that encourages learning, testing, and iterating with the business users. By mapping the business users' journey helps with greater inclusivity in the process and results in more sustainable solutions (results). This approach allows business users to become more engaged throughout the design process through delivery for increased adoption, assist with data validation, and contribute to governance methods for creating long-term value. 


Act Quickly.

Good design depends on agility. That means getting a product to users quickly, then iterating based on customer feedback. In an agile development culture, companies aren’t afraid to release products that aren’t quite perfect. Designers know there is no end to the design process. The power of the Art-of-the-Possible methodology lies in the ability to listen, adopt, and adapt as you receive feedback from the business users or as needs change. 


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What our customers say

Brett Smith

IT Manager
Steel Technologies

When our business users demanded more from our BI platform we reached out to KASH Tech.

KASH Tech has been a trusted partner in guiding Steel Technologies to modernize our analytics platform to better serve our business users. They have been extremely responsive to our needs providing insights and hands-on customer service along our journey to transform our data and analytics services. Anyone looking to improve their BI reporting and data analytics capabilities should contact KASH Tech.

Ryan Miller

Manager - Data Intelligence
Allied Systems

KASH Tech played an integral part in converting a subset of our legacy reports into WebFOCUS. They demonstrated their ability to quickly understand our business while working with complex stored procedures and data models.

They are always available to help with our BI needs and are timely in responding to our communications. We look forward to continuing our partnership with KASH Tech in future projects.

Diane Weisberger

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG)

We engaged with KASH Tech to help us build a new portal for our Sales team, a historically “hard-to-please” user group. Throughout the process, the KASH Tech team was extremely responsive and easy to work with. They took the time to understand the non-technical challenges as well as the technical ones. They really learned about our business and what we felt would work and what wouldn’t. Our consultants Ben and Hima were creative and thorough and were true partners during the project. The best part is that our Sales team has stopped asking for their old Excel reports back.

Director, Business Ops

Sunset Transportation

KASH Tech has been a very valuable partner with the design and implementation of Sunset’s new customer experience portal.

Their experience with our BI platform has enabled us to launch a very modern experience at a significantly reduced time to market. The team has accepted and risen to the challenge of every request no matter how far outside the box it was.


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