Digital Manufacturing

Digital transformation in manufacturing refers to the integration and adoption of digital technologies, data analytics, and advanced automation within the manufacturing processes to enhance efficiency, agility, and overall business performance. This transformation involves leveraging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud computing, robotics, and other digital tools to optimize various aspects of the manufacturing lifecycle.

At KASH Tech LLC Digital Manufacturing, our objective is to facilitate the digitization of crucial processes in businesses, irrespective of their size, and empower them to extract optimal value from their investments with us. Below are some essential modules that the manufacturing industry should prioritize.


Warehouse Management

Inadequate warehouse management may lead to un updated product statuses, resulting in inadvertent reordering.


Poor data management can result in legal and financial non-compliance, risking legal consequences and compromising the precision of financial reporting.

Inventory Management

Ineffective inventory management can lead to outdated product information and inadvertent reordering of certain items.

                                                                                     Manufacturing ERP

Kash Tech's comprehensive manufacturing ERP:

Tailored for diverse manufacturing segments, including garment, chemical, food, and furniture manufacturing, Kashtech's ERP solution comes with dedicated modules for specific niches. Designed to meet unique requirements, our ERP system is an ideal fit for small manufacturing businesses aiming for growth and optimization. It scales with your evolving needs while maintaining control over production, inventory, and resource allocation without compromising quality or efficiency.

Key Modules

Production Module:

Manage production orders efficiently.

Track work-in-progress for optimal manufacturing processes.

Inventory Management Module:

Accurate tracking and optimization of inventory turnover.

Minimize stock outs with advanced inventory management.

Quality And Compliance:

Tailored solutions for quality control, compliance, and traceability.

Support your commitment to excellence in manufacturing.

Purchase Module:

Ensure compliance with ISO and other standards in the procurement process.

Streamline and optimize the entire purchase module.

Finance And Accounts Module:

Comprehensive statistics and reports for the industry's financial status.

Manage general ledger, assets, receivables, cash flows, etc.


The manufacturing ERP seamlessly integrates with various tools and third-party software, enhancing your production capabilities. This integration ensures that you can leverage the ERP system's robust features while adapting to your specific needs.

                                                                                 Production Planning and Control

Digital Transformation in Production Planning and Control:

Industries seeking advanced manufacturing need optimized production to cut costs. Kash Tech offers PPC solutions addressing planning based on sales forecasts, minimum orders, capacity, and price forecasts.

What is Production Planning and Control?

Efficiently manages resources, raw materials, machinery, and production processes for optimal finished goods production.
Production Planning Control: Involves planning what, when, and how much to produce.
Production Control: Ensures optimal performance through various techniques.

Track work-in-progress for optimal manufacturing processes.

Benefits of Digital Transformation in PPC

  1. Master Production Planning: Scheduling production start times and quantities.
  2. Material Requirement Planning: Ensuring raw material availability.
  3. Capacity Planning: Determining needed production capacity.
  4. Work Flow Planning: Sequencing operations during production.
  5. BOM (Bill Of Material):Crucial for every finished product, checking raw material inventory based on sales forecasts.
  6. Inventory: Checking raw material inventory based on BOM, with a request sent to the purchase department if materials are unavailable.
  7. Scheduling: Providing required raw materials, scheduling considers machine capacity, procurement lead time, and finished product lead time.
  8. Loading: Monitoring workloads against machines or workers, managing total time for new work.
  9. Issue Of Orders And Instructions: Releasing orders and instructions, issuing materials, orders, drawings, maintaining records, initiating control procedures.
  10. Status: Expediting processes, identifying faults, defects, bottlenecks. Addressing issues and revising targets, loads, or schedules if needed.

    KASH Tech's Customised Solution:
    • General PPC module requirements.
    • Customization based on client needs.
    • Integration with existing systems.
    • Comprehensive view of resources, backlogs, bottlenecks, plant floor data, and inventory demand.

                                                                    Accounting and Financial Management 

Kash Tech's Accounting and Financial Software:

Regardless of your business size, efficiently managing confidential financial information is crucial. Kashtech's accounting and financial software offers a solution to handle daily financial transactions, reduce company expenses, and streamline financial processes.

Accounting Process

Account Payable Automation:

Streamline the transfer of accounts payable to suppliers with one-click automation.

Account Receivable Automation:

Automate reconciliation of received accounts receivable from customers through seamless bank integration.

Bank Integration:

Direct bank integration reduces processing time and enhances user efficiency.

Journal Entry:

Manual or automatic journal entries as per client requirements, alleviating user workload.


Easy reconciliation facilitated by automated entries, ensuring quick and accurate customer selection.

Financial Process


Assign and validate departmental budgets easily.

Automated budget control after approval, preventing overspending.

Fixed Asset:

Efficiently record fixed assets with automated depreciation calculations.

Deferred Revenues And Deferred Expense:

Easy calculation and creation of deferred revenues and expenses with automation.

                                                                         Warehouse Management System

Digital Transformation in Warehouse Management System:

To ensure timely delivery and accurate stock maintenance, Manufacturing and Warehouse Management Industries need a WMS. Key principles include understanding client purposes, comprehensive control, customer focus, and data-driven decision-making.

What Is WMS?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is software providing visibility and control over warehouse processes, managing distribution and fulfillment.

Benefits of Digital Transformation in WMS

Expert In Warehouse Optimization:

Fine-tuning operations with mobile barcodes and RFID tags.

Efficient storage to maximize warehouse capacity.

Warehouse Management Fulfilment Strategies:

Batch Picking, Zone Picking, FEFO, FIFO, and Last In First Out.

Optimizing picking for efficient order fulfillment.

WMS Process In Steps:

Receiving, Put-Away, Storage, Picking, Packing, and Shipping.

WMS Monitoring And Reporting:

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for operational efficiency.

Client-Customized WMS:

Tailored solutions for specific warehousing needs.

Procurement Solutions Through Kashtech

Procurement Process:

Request From Stakeholders: Receive, verify, and approve stakeholder requests.

Sourcing The Supplier: Source the best suppliers by comparing quotations.

Purchase Order: Create a purchase order based on selected supplier quotations.

Approval based on the Cost: Implement an approval process for purchase orders.

Inventory Maintenance: Process Goods Receipt Note (GRN) and maintain inventory.

Pending PO: Highlight remaining materials in pending purchase orders.

 Supplier Management:

Structured program to manage suppliers, including Supplier Onboarding, Supplier Portal, Performance Tracking, and Supplier Catalogue.

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