Production Planning and Control Software

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Cost Reduction

Slash production costs by 20-30%, maximizing profitability.

Scheduling Accuracy

Boost scheduling accuracy by 30% with optimized BOM management

On-Time Delivery

Elevate on-time delivery rates by 25% with effective inventory management

Lowest      TCO

Lower your  total cost of ownership (TCO) with customized solutions


Key Features

  • Master Production Planning: Production planning software that streamline production start times and quantities with Multi-Level Bill of Materials (BOM), BOM Costing, Work Order, Production Order, Outsourcing/Sub-Contract, Finished Goods Testing, and Line Rejection Tracking.
  • Material Requirement Planning: production planning and control software to ensure seamless production by optimizing raw material availability.
  • Capacity Planning: Determine essential production capacity for smooth operations.
  • Work Flow Planning: ERP Production planning and manufacturing software to Maximize efficiency by sequencing operations during production.
  • Bill Of Material (BOM) Management: No.1 manufacturing software to Optimize raw material inventory based on sales forecasts.



Key Features

  • Inventory Management: Factory planning software to track raw material inventory with Min/Max Stock Levels, Multiple Stores, Inventory Valuation, Inventory Rejected/Dead Stock, Negative Stock Restriction, Barcode Tracking, Auto Stock Adjustment, and Physical Stock Reconciliation.
  • Scheduling: Optimize production schedules considering machine capacity and procurement lead time.
  • Workload Management: Monitor resource utilization against machines or workers for optimal efficiency.
  • Order Issuance and Instruction: Streamline operations with Order Confirmation, Purchase Order, Inward/GRN Register, E-Way Bill, Sales Order, GST Invoices, Credit/Debit Note, and Service Transactions.
  • Status Monitoring: Address faults, defects, and bottlenecks in real-time to ensure timely adjustments.

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A manufacturing production planning and scheduling software that aligns to your production and plant floor operations

Why KASH Tech?

Our objective with Digital Manufacturing software is to facilitate the digitization of crucial processes in businesses and to extract optimal value from their investments with us. We provide the best production planning and control software

  • Tailored PPC module requirements to meet your specifications.
  • Customization based on your unique needs.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Comprehensive view of resources, backlogs, bottlenecks, plant floor data, and inventory demand.

Other modules that we could build to optimize your manufacturing operations

Manufacturing ERP

Designed to meet unique requirements, our ERP production planning software is an ideal fit for small manufacturing businesses aiming for growth and optimization. It scales with your evolving needs while maintaining control over production, inventory, and resource allocation without compromising quality or efficiency.

Accounting & Finance

Regardless of your business size, efficiently managing confidential financial information is crucial. Kashtech's accounting and financial software offers a solution to handle daily financial transactions, reduce company expenses, and streamline financial processes.

Warehouse Management

Our production planning and scheduling software ensure timely delivery and accurate stock maintenance, Manufacturing and Warehouse Management Industries need a WMS. Key principles include understanding client purposes, comprehensive control, customer focus, and data-driven decision-making.