Turn Enterprise Data Into Actionable Insights

KASH Tech assists clients in overcoming their most significant data management obstacles by conducting a thorough evaluation of their existing data resources and governance procedures. This approach enables businesses to maximize their return on investment by effectively linking the appropriate individuals with relevant data at the appropriate time while maintaining complete control over their enterprise data.

Our team at KASH Tech has a wealth of experience in evaluating data management tools, business intelligence, and reporting tools. We will help you modernize your data stack, enabling you to make informed decisions that meet the increasing demands for data to support your business objectives. We will also suggest ways to leverage your data better to optimize your business's performance. Our recommendations are designed to help you succeed in a data-driven world.

Data Strategy

Data is an asset. Like any other business function, if you want to improve or enhance your business, you must develop a strategy for achieving the goals and desired business outcomes. The same goes for your company data. You must define your data strategy to turn your data into value for the organization. A data strategy defines the tools, processes, and governance that determines how to manage, analyze and share data within your business. A data strategy helps you make informed decisions based on your data.

A successful and sustainable data strategy should include four key components:

  • Business strategy
  • Organization plan
  • Data architecture
  • Data Management

Formulating a Data Strategy requires devising a customized plan that caters to the distinct requirements of your enterprise. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach but rather a personalized strategy that considers the people, processes, and technology specific to your business. The objective is to pinpoint and establish actionable data and analytics that will assist you in achieving your business objectives.

Enterprise Data Architecture

Trying to define and map out an enterprise data architecture can be a daunting task. There are many variations to consider. A helpful definition of data architecture is the structure of an organization’s logical and physical data assets and data management resources. To truly become a data-driven organization, your data architecture plan represents the people, process, and technology to translate business needs into data and system requirements.


Data Governance

Data Governance is a function of data management that creates value by ensuring your business has high-quality data to drive business insights. Creating an enterprise data governance framework and ecosystem is critical–and often overlooked–to the success of your information delivery strategy. We enable your company to define, analyze and automate your data quality processes to render the insights needed to improve decision-making and outcomes from the data analytics solutions your build. Critical components of an enterprise data governance framework include data profiling, an up-to-date data catalog, consistent data onboarding processes, and metadata management. All these technologies are designed to help eliminate data inconsistencies, reduce IT costs and dependencies, and build trust in your data. 

Our goal at KASH Tech is to:

  • Deliver trusted data at any scale
  • Identify the best governance model that focuses on the accuracy of your data for reporting and analytics
  • Recommend building a data-driven culture within your analytics teams

 Build an enterprise-wide data analytics strategy


Download the 10-step Guide to Successfully Democratizing your Company Data and discover how to build a data strategy that accelerates business growth.

Data Modernization

Data modernization involves moving data from legacy data stores to a modern framework and technologies. One of the key goals for a DM initiative is to move from siloed data sources to a connected, adaptable, and sustainable data ecosystem that solves data inaccuracies and reduces the time, cost, and effort associated with data analytics implementations.

Our DM services at KASH Tech are designed to enable you to ingest data from multiple sources and consolidate it into a robust data model for advanced analytics, including ML/AI techniques, to drive actionable insights that fuel your business decisions. This involves assessing the use and advantages of modern DM capabilities such as Data Lakehouse, Data Fabric, Data Mesh, Data Virtualization, and Data Governance technologies. 

The benefits of a modern data platform are many: it creates a single version of the truth, increases operational performance, eliminates bottlenecks in the design and development processes, and enables real-time, self-service reporting and advanced analytics.

Best methods for eliminating data silos

Data Automation & Data Virtualization

Both technologies are essential components of a Data Management solution. Data Automation tools are used to automate the extraction, transformation, and loading of data, and eliminate the number of physical data pipelines to support your analytical needs. This capability helps reduce the costs and errors for moving your siloed data to a new platform and, in turn, increases the accuracy and trust in your data.

Data Virtualization provides a single point of access and interaction with underlying data sources through a virtual middleware layer, without requiring the creation of a physical extraction pipeline or related technical details about the data. Using the data virtualization approach, the data remains at its original location while users can access and analyze it without physically moving it.

Maximizing your data’s value and turning it into actionable information to support your business decisions starts with clearly understanding and defining the business strategy and use cases. Our data management experts will assist you in creating a framework that includes most or all of the data management options that match your organization's goals. We will consider the best mix of tools, training, and processes to deliver clear value to the organization. We want to ensure you deliver the right data to the right people at the right time. We will help you develop a plan that prioritizes the initiatives and resources needed to complete the job on time and within budget. This is the KASH Tech promise. 


Data Integration

Data integration is the process of bringing together data from different sources in order to gain a unified and accurate view of the data that can be utilized by all users to make better data-driven decisions. This is commonly referred to as a “Single Source of Truth.” This single source of truth builds a foundation of trust and encourages an environment of collaboration which are both critical to focus the organization on common objectives and driving successful outcomes.

There have been many advancements in the techniques and technology for accelerating key aspects of data integration, such as; data, the process of cleansing, data mastering, data transformation, as well as the loading of data into modern data repositories. Add to these the groundbreaking advancements of cloud capabilities that provide enhanced flexibility and platform reach, all at scale.  All of this greatly enhances the value of successful data integration for any organization.

KASH Tech works with our customers to assess needs and define the best data integration strategy for their specific organization. From there, we help our customers implement the right tools to achieve their data integration strategy.  But there is more beyond the strategy; our Assess, Design & Coach, Execute, and Sustain methodology works to implement the strategy in a continuous improvement and self-sustaining way that is easy for our customers to manage. KASH Tech is your partner in success.


Data Warehousing

As mentioned in the Data Integration section above, one of the modern data repositories that organizations use to store the properly prepared data that is needed to support the business user needs for information and actionable insights about the company, products, and services is a Data Warehouse.  The data warehouse has been in existence for several decades, but modern capabilities have given new life to this legacy data repository.  Leveraging these new capabilities can allow organizations to increase ROI on their original investment, as well as make data available to support new services, such as data monetization.

With the rebirth of “Speed-to-Value” as an important concept within the business world, all businesses are trying to embrace the need to continually and rapidly innovate their products and services and get them to market quickly.  As a result, having the right data at the right time and delivering it to the right people is even more critical in this new business environment.  This is where a properly designed and deployed data warehouse can be a significant component of your ability to meet the demand of prospects and be seen as an innovative partner to your customers.

KASH Tech has the experience and skills to assist you in creating and executing a data warehouse strategy to drive your business innovation.  Whether it includes enhancements to your existing data warehouse, the design, and modeling of a new warehouse, or the migration of your existing warehouse data to a more scalable and responsive cloud environment, KASH Tech is the partner for you!  Leveraging our expert internal resources, our highly developed Team Network, or our strategic partnerships, we have the experience in solutions from providers like TIBCO, Databricks, Snowflake, Denodo, and Microsoft, that you want.

How to improve your data warehouse

What our customers say

Brett Smith

IT Manager
Steel Technologies

When our business users demanded more from our BI platform we reached out to KASH Tech.

KASH Tech has been a trusted partner in guiding Steel Technologies to modernize our analytics platform to better serve our business users. They have been extremely responsive to our needs providing insights and hands-on customer service along our journey to transform our data and analytics services. Anyone looking to improve their BI reporting and data analytics capabilities should contact KASH Tech.

Ryan Miller

Manager - Data Intelligence
Allied Systems

KASH Tech played an integral part in converting a subset of our legacy reports into WebFOCUS. They demonstrated their ability to quickly understand our business while working with complex stored procedures and data models.

They are always available to help with our BI needs and are timely in responding to our communications. We look forward to continuing our partnership with KASH Tech in future projects.

Diane Weisberger

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG)

We engaged with KASH Tech to help us build a new portal for our Sales team, a historically “hard-to-please” user group. Throughout the process, the KASH Tech team was extremely responsive and easy to work with. They took the time to understand the non-technical challenges as well as the technical ones. They really learned about our business and what we felt would work and what wouldn’t. Our consultants Ben and Hima were creative and thorough and were true partners during the project. The best part is that our Sales team has stopped asking for their old Excel reports back.

Director, Business Ops

Sunset Transportation

KASH Tech has been a very valuable partner with the design and implementation of Sunset’s new customer experience portal.

Their experience with our BI platform has enabled us to launch a very modern experience at a significantly reduced time to market. The team has accepted and risen to the challenge of every request no matter how far outside the box it was.